Chat AI Imec

It is engaged in marketing, carries out sales and bookings, accepts payments

Becomes your complete copy, capable of listening, responding, thinking exactly like you, consulting on any complexity in all languages of the world, making calculations, bookings, adding items to the cart, accepting payments, and providing after-sales support via email. You needed dozens of people. This clone replaces them all. But if ever it hesitates, you will immediately get access to communicate with the client and switch the digital clone to yourself.

Would you like each of your employees to be as efficient as you?

Create your Chat AI, free yourself from routine, and gain a lot of free time for creativity and development.

How it works:

  1. Algorithms are applied for deep retraining of the latest version of ChatGPT using your input data;
  2. Integration with your existing databases is performed;
  3. Training on the rules, capabilities, and limitations for reading and writing to your database is conducted.

Where it works:

  • Your Chat AI will have a unique address on the internet, and you can place it as a link in your social networks and any resources;
  • Your bot will have a link for installation on your website;
  • Release a mobile application, paid separately.

How much it costs:

  • The cost of the Chat AI involves a one-time payment of 49 euros;
  • For those interested in earning from implementing the Chat AI, there are special rates. When purchasing 10 Chat AI, the cost will be 24 euros each;
  • When purchasing 100 Chat AI, the cost will be 12 euros each.

What happens after purchase?

  1. You receive the address of the control panel and the bots address;
  2. You need to add keys to work with OpenAI, Stripe, Clerk;
  3. Add your products and services to Stripe, get the identifiers needed for Chat AI setup;
  4. Use our instructions to set up the bot or seek help from the community.

What are your expenses after purchase:

  • You pay OpenAI credits for new tokens. Tokens are spent proportionally to the number of requests to your Chat AI. You can find the rates on the website via the link;
  • When registering more than 10,000 users in your system, you pay the rate for using the Clerk registration system. You can find the rates via the link;
  • Your data is stored in a cloud MongoDB database. When exceeding the set minimum, you pay according to the rate, which you can find via the link;
  • Your hosting on Vercel is free, as well as the database, up to a very significant limit. The rate is available via the link;
  • Stripe commission.

During the setup and training of the Chat AI, you will only spend money on OpenAI, minimally 5 euros.

Coming in June 2024